Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ocean Healthcare?2019-07-09T15:14:37+00:00

Ocean Healthcare is a recruitment agency which specialises in providing Healthcare Assistants, Nurses and Support Staff to nursing homes, residential care homes, hospices, private hospitals and supported care environments across Devon.

What is our philosophy?2019-07-09T15:15:16+00:00

The Ocean Healthcare Philosophy is “Live Happy, Care Well.”

We believe those two things go hand in hand. If you’re not essentially happy in life, the care you provide will not be the best it can be.  We believe that for many healthcare workers Agency working can be a happy way of life as it means you can balance work around your other life commitments

Do you need to have previous experience in the care industry to apply as a HCA?2019-07-09T15:15:49+00:00

Yes, we ask that all applicants have a minimum of 12 months experience as a healthcare worker or care worker in a formal setting.  In some special circumstances we will take less but only once the person has also undertaken some shadowing shifts.

Do HCAs have to be a car driver?2019-07-09T15:18:05+00:00

As some of our care settings are remotely located such as in North and Mid Devon having your own transport is fairly essential as public transport to these areas is often limited or non-existent.  Likewise, public transport often does not run early mornings or evenings which would mean that you might be limited as to what work we can offer you.  For these reasons we prefer car driving care workers.  However, for some areas such as Torbay and Exeter we can accommodate some non-car drivers or those with alternative travel arrangements so please do get in touch.

Do Nurses have to be car driver?2019-07-09T15:18:38+00:00

Yes, we do require nurses to be car drivers as they will be asked to travel further afield.

How far will I have to travel and do you pay mileage?2019-07-09T15:19:14+00:00

For those who live in large towns travel is generally within the scope of the town however, for more remote areas we expect you to travel up to 15 miles for HCAs, 20 miles for nurses.  We pay mileage after these miles at a set rate. This will be discussed with you during the recruitment process.

What do you need to have to apply as a nurse?2019-07-09T15:20:05+00:00

To apply as a nurse, you need to be registered as a RN or RMN and have a valid PIN.  We also require you to have experience with a UK care setting or hospital.   You also need to have enough experience and confidence to go into one of these care settings and hit the ground running. Often the nurse is the most senior person on site, so you need to be comfortable with that responsibility.

What proof do you require in order for me to be able to work for you?2019-07-09T15:32:46+00:00

Previous employer references will be taken and if you are not a UK citizen we will need to see your proof of the right to work in the UK.  Successful applicants are also subject to a DBS check.

What training will I get?2019-07-09T15:33:20+00:00

Successful candidates will be required to undertake mandatory online training and our in-house Health and Safety training.  We also run a number of other non-mandatory training and courses at our local branches.

What uniform is provided2019-07-09T15:33:52+00:00

We provide 1 free tunic; other tunics can be purchased at cost.  What to wear and expectations are discussed with you by our recruitment team.

What do you mean by flexible hours?2019-07-09T15:34:27+00:00

Once registered with us you provide us with your availability on a weekly basis.  We will then book you work based on your availability. This could be full time, part time, nights, days, weekends or just top-up hours to give you extra income around your existing work commitments.  You are in complete control of when you work all we ask is that you communicate effectively with us about your availability and honour whatever you tell us you’re willing to do.  Shift patterns are generally between 8-8 although there can be some variances but unfortunately, we cannot accommodate working around school hours.

Do you guarantee hours?2019-07-09T15:35:27+00:00

We don’t guarantee hours; however, we can say that most people get the hours they need to make agency life work for them.  It is rather dependent upon where you live in Devon and this will be discussed with you prior to joining to make sure we are able to meet your needs.

This way we can offer the flexibility of working as much or as little as you want.

What are you rates of pay for HCAs?2019-07-09T15:35:57+00:00

Our rates are competitive but do vary depending upon what shifts you are working.  Please contact the office for our latest pay rates.  For Nurses it is higher please contact the office.

Where will I be sent?2019-07-09T15:36:31+00:00

We work with care homes, residential homes, hospices, private hospitals, and supported care environments.

What if I don’t want to work in a specific setting?2019-07-09T15:37:29+00:00

If you don’t want to work at a particular location or setting please let us know and we will ensure our bookings teams are aware of this.

Do you have opportunities for Senior HCAs?2019-07-09T15:38:02+00:00

Yes, they do come up but you will have to work as a HCA some of the time.  Best to discuss this with our recruitment team.

How and when do I get paid?2019-07-09T15:39:13+00:00

On completion of a time sheet you will be paid the following Friday via bank transfer.

What happens during the recruitment process?2019-07-09T15:39:51+00:00

Once you make initial contact with us one of our recruitment team will be in touch. They will run through some simple questions to make sure you have the experience that we need and that what we offer suits your requirements.  They will also answer any questions that you have.

The next stage would be to arrange an interview in one of our branches. For further details on our recruitment process and to see one of our team explain the process visit our web page https://www.oceanhealthcare.co.uk/recruitment-process/

What should I bring to the interview?2019-07-09T15:40:29+00:00

If you have not already supplied one a completed application form.

Proof of address x 2 (this can be your driving licence, council tax bill for the current year or utility or bank statement dated within the last 3 months)

Training certificates

Right to work (if required)

How do I apply?2019-07-09T15:41:00+00:00

There are lots of ways you can apply to work with us.   If you visit our website www.oceanhealthcare.co.uk you can complete a register your interest via our form or complete our simple online application through our opportunities page.

You can message us via Facebook messenger, email us at applications@oceanhealthcare.co.uk or simply pick up the phone to one of branch recruitment teams

Torbay 01803 262003,

Exeter and East Devon branch 01392 982041

North Devon office 01271 452003

or you can walk into one of our branches and one of our colleagues will be happy to answer questions.

Our Offices:

Torbay: 01803 220555     Barnstaple: 01271 441177     Exeter: 01392 343179    Plymouth: 01752 967097     Somerset: 01278 286020  

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