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Ocean healthcare is delighted to be the main sponsor of this year’s 28th Torbay Half Marathon and Fun Run organised by Torbay Athletic Club.

This well-established 13-mile race takes place this year on Sunday 23rd June 2019.   There is expected to be over 2000 runners many of whom travel from as far as the Midlands and across the South West to attend.  The course is also considered one of the most beautiful half marathons as the race is run from Paignton sea front to Torquay via Torre Abbey and Princess gardens twice before completion.  The fun run attracts a further 600 people, many of whom are youngsters to take part is run around Paignton Green

In addition to sponsoring the event we also have a number of Ocean runners made up of staff and colleagues! So check back periodically to see how their training is going.

The Ocean Marathon Team:

Ken Rudge


Dark Overlord
Age: 44

Charity: running for: ?

Running for (special reason?): Pressured into it by my team
Previous running experience? I ran for a bus once…. I’m not built for running.
Reason for running? I think that running the marathon itself is not the goal. It’s the training and the benefit I will get from that which is the main thing I hope to benefit from. I was jogging while on holiday and jolted my back causing me immense pain. Since then I have had continuous back trouble. I have also put on over 3 stone. I need to get that back off!

Current fitness and plans for training? I have a treadmill at home and since the beginning of January have been spending an hour on the treadmill 4-5 times per week. This started off with mostly fast walking, but I’ve been able to progress this to jogging pace for most of that hour now. I will drop the treadmill training to 3-4 times per week and will soon introduce park runs on Saturday mornings (5k). From March I will start running in to work once a week which is 7 miles…and hopefully build from there. I’m also in the gym twice a week mainly doing weights.

Are you planning to run or train with someone? I have a personal trainer in the gym. He is also helping me with planning my progress outside the gym. He keeps banging on about using a foam roller, but I’ve not been doing this up to now. I don’t think I will be running with anyone…I’m too anti-social for that!

Worries about the marathon: To be honest 13 miles seems like a genuinely unachievable goal. My biggest worry about doing the marathon is getting to the end before they pack all the stuff away!

Jade Speake


Dream Team Coordinator!
Age: 26
Charity running for:

Running for (special reason?): not really.
Previous running experience? I have no previous running experience, I have been going to the gym for years though.
Reason for running? Wanted to push myself and give myself a goal to work towards this year – seems like the perfect challenge for me. I’m one of those people that either go 100% or not at all, so I’m hitting training hard now!

Current fitness and plans for training? My fitness/cardio is actually pretty poor – I’ve been going to the gym for a while but generally focus on strength training rather than cardio so I’m finding it hard to keep up. I’m training three times a week, once focusing on strength training for my back and legs to avoid injury and the other two more focused on cardio to get my fitness levels up to where they need to be.

Are you planning to run or train with someone?  I’m currently training on my own three times a week, but sometimes am joined by my colleague Katie, but everyone knows the schedule I’m working & I encourage everyone to join me! But I’m an early bird so I go in the mornings before work… not everyone’s cup of tea!

Worries about the marathon: Not being able to finish it! (that won’t happen I’m sure…?!)

Sophie Steane


Treasure Chest Keeper
Age: 28
Charity running for:

Running for (special reason?): nope.
Previous running experience?On and off running and I have a treadmill at home.
Reason for running? I want to feel a sense of achievement and this year is all about trying new things.

Current fitness and plans for training? I currently run and go on long walks. I will be joining a gym to train and get fit.

Are you planning to run or train with someone? I am planning to train with my partner, to keep me motivated.

Worries about the marathon: Falling flat on my face!



Occupation: Recruitment Princess
Age: 26

Running for (special reason?): To get fit! To represent Ocean Healthcare and to raise money for a good cause.
Previous running experience? 5K – big step up.
Reason for running? To improve my fitness, lose weight, stress relief, meet new people, running for a cause. Lots of reasons!

Current fitness and plans for training? Currently running to and from work (2 miles each way) I am planning to start Park Run every Saturday in Exeter. Once I’ve built up my stamina, I plan to run 4 times a week, and increase the distance each month.

Are you planning to run or train with someone? I’m trying to convince Kayley to run with me, so we will probably buddy up. Apart from that it would generally be on my own.

Worries about the marathon :Stamina, injury, shin splints.

Kayleigh booking co-ordinator Ocean Healthcare