Over 50% Clear – Testing update and new uniform rule

Hi Team,

Well done to everyone who has got themselves tested so far. As I write over 50% of our members, and most of the support and administrative staff have been tested, with nearly all reporting negative results.

Regular testing is going to be a feature for some time to come for members and we have had some great feedback from clients. One of our clients, Stephen, a Care Home Director, commented;

“We have had total confidence in working through this pandemic with Ocean Healthcare as assured staff supply which is consistent, trained in COVID-19 practice and staff identified as clear of potential carriers entering our workspace give peace of mind in challenging conditions.

Frequent contact and risk assessment instigated by Ocean’s management team has ensured best practice and the safety of our residents. Our ongoing commitment to working with this professional organisation currently and into the future makes commercial sense”.

If you have not yet booked a test, we would strongly encourage you to do so, as this puts you in the best position to pick up work going forward and it is something that as a business we have to do in order to continue to provide clients with the confidence they need in order to use us.

Infection Control – keeping up to date.

It’s also important that everyone is up to date with the latest infection control information.

Skills for Health have updated their infection control training with advice specifically around Covid-19. The course is FREE to take, takes approximately 2 hours to complete and includes information such as infection prevention, PPE, hand and respiratory hygiene, management and assessment, sampling and testing, patient transfers/managing patients and much more, to support you in your role.

We encourage you to view this online training which you can access by clicking on the link here: https://www.skillsforhealth.org.uk/covid-19-course

It would be really helpful to know when you have done this as this also gives greater confidence to our customers.
Uniform – new mandatory requirements

It has always been the best practice not to commute in your tunic. Following recent government advice that the Coronavirus can survive in fabric for prolonged periods, Ocean Healthcare is now making it MANDATORY for all members to carry their tunic in a bag and change into it after arrival at their place of work and remove before leaving.

All uniforms should be washed & ironed between each work shift. Please ensure you follow this directive. All care facilities will increasingly expect you to adopt this practice. Please contact the office if you feel you do not have enough Tunics.


Finally, last week we asked for some examples of kindness as it was Mental Health Awareness Week. We had a lovely response from one member, Vikki Cutts, who said that her family created cards made from unused Christmas cards with positive messages inside and posted them through random letter boxes to let people know they were not alone, in the end, they sent about 20 cards.

What a lovely thing to do. We would love to hear from you if you and your household have done something to put a smile on people’s faces.
As always, keep up the great work you are all doing. Stay safe.
Yours sincerely

Joanna King

Director of Operations

Ocean Healthcare

Joanna King Operations Director Ocean Healthcare

Joanna King, Director of Operations, Ocean Healthcare

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