Ocean Healthcare Member Update w/c 6th July

Hi team,

I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend whether you spent it at home or you ventured out into one of the recently opened shops or restaurants. I don’t know about you but before the lockdown was imposed, I took my freedom to do what I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted, very much for granted.  So, it has felt really positive that we can now enjoy more freedom again and start to plan and organise some much-needed catch-ups with family and friends.

It’s great to hear that the risk is lower, but worth remembering it is not gone – yet! We, of course, cannot become complacent and must be mindful and careful about ensuring we continue to adhere to social distancing and wider Government guidelines.

For everyone who works in care, we must remember to do all the little things that make a massive difference such as frequently washing hands, wearing the right PPE and remembering to only wear uniforms whilst at work and washing them when you get home.

Jo king Ocean Healthcare

Jo King

Operations Director

Testing is now critical

As per the government announcement weekly testing is now critical. So, if you haven’t been tested yet, or it’s been more than a week since your last test, it is now ESSENTIAL to get tested ASAP and send us the results, and you must repeat testing on a weekly basis. Not only will it reassure your friends, family and colleagues, but it will make the difference between being offered a shift or not. 

Making life easier with our Timesheet App:

We’ve had really super feedback from people who are using our timesheet app to record and submit shifts.  It really is easy to use and so very shortly we will be discontinuing paper timesheets.  If you need any help our Timesheet App Guru Jordan is on hand. He has created a short video which explains how it works as well as a tutorial on how to set it up, both these videos are below. If you have any questions contact Jordan on jordan.hayman@oceanhealthcare.co.uk

How the Timesheet App works:

Setting up and using the Timesheet App:

Available or not available?

We appreciate how irritating it can be when we keep offering shifts to you when you’re unavailable, it’s also frustrating for us; chasing you for a response if you don’t want the work at that time, plus there is a risk that our clients will go elsewhere if we can’t respond efficiently.  So, it is really important that you let us know your availability every week so we can prioritise offers of shifts to the workers that are available for work and help us ensure our system works for everyone.
Link to Availability page.

Research into new faster bedside testing:

The race is still on to improve Coronavirus testing and detection.  Finding out whether someone has the virus currently or if they have been previously infected is a key part of the response to this pandemic.  Currently, test results can take up to 72 hours to come back but a group of leading experts are working on a diagnostic test which they hope will provide near bedside results.   These tests have yet to be evaluated but if successful are likely to be used in Hospitals, GP Surgeries and care homes.  Press here to read more.  Time will tell if this, and all the other research going on will help, but in the meanwhile, keep getting your weekly testing and please remember to let us know the results.

Thank you!

We never get tired of saying thank you, indeed we love to receive a thank you in the office too. So thank you for your support over these past few months, we’re not out of it yet, but things are getting easier. There is a light at the tunnel and the freedom we yearn is in sight!

Yours sincerely

Jo King

Operations Director

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