Member Update

Hi Team!

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week (18th to the 24th May) and this year’s theme is KINDNESS.  Many studies across the world have shown that kindness not only benefits us physically but has a massive impact on us mentally.

An act of kindness, whether received or given, can make you feel happier.  Happiness, in turn, goes hand in hand with a feeling of thankfulness, along with a more positive outlook and a readiness to show appreciation by giving and receiving more kindness.   You could say kindness is a happiness drug, a drug which we at Ocean Healthcare are happy to both endorse and promote with our ‘Live Happy Care Well’ philosophy.

We know that as a carer you are constantly aware of other peoples’ mental health and well-being. If there was a qualification in demonstrating and giving kindness, carers like yourself would achieve an A**.

However, how kind are you to yourself?

Sometimes it can feel like it’s all about other people, but it’s really important to recognise when you’re feeling down, anxious or depressed and show yourself some kindness too.  We have included some excellent links at the bottom of this message on kindness as well as where you can get support for mental health.

Here at Ocean Healthcare HQ, we have a great team, many of whom are working from home, and its been really good for morale when we have shared positive quotes, good news and generally supported one another.  You too are part of our Ocean Healthcare family and we are absolutely here to support you as well. Please get in touch if you’re struggling and we will do what we can to help.

I would like to thank everyone who has got themselves tested and let us know your results. It’s going to be an important and ongoing safety mechanism to keep us all safe for a long while yet and we believe it will reduce our client’s anxiety of using Ocean Healthcare workers.

We would love you to share any interesting stories on kindness, whether you gave or received some kindness, it’s the small things that often give the greatest pleasure.  Otherwise, thank you for your kindness in mental health awareness week please keep doing your great work. We’re really proud of you.

Joanna King

Director of Operations

Ocean Healthcare


Action for happiness –

Random acts of kindness –

Mental Health matters – they also have a 24/7 helpline – 0800 470 03 17

Kindness UK –