Feedback, Compliments & Complaints

We work hard to deliver on our commitments and meet the expectations of our service users, their families and our care partners. We welcome and share plaudits and compliments about our service, our staff, the care we give and how you find dealing with Ocean Healthcare Complex Care in general.

However, we also recognise that sometimes things can go wrong.  When they do we are committed to taking responsibility for our action and for being open and transparent and ensuring we share learning outcomes.  We aim to resolve any issue or unmet expectations at a local level, as quickly as possible.

Our service is registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  The CQC does not get involved in individual complaints about providers but is happy to receive information about our services at any time. The contact details of the CQC are: Care Quality Commission, National Correspondence, Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4PA.  Telephone: 03000 616161 Web:

You can also contact your local Social Service Department and allocated Case manager.

To send us
feedback or compliments


Call Us on: 01803 470025

Post to:  Service Manager, Ocean Healthcare Complex Care,

45 Devon Square, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 2HH.

Making a Complaint

Ocean Healthcare (Taher Ltd) Complaints Policy

  1. To discuss a situation or make a complaint please contact our Registered Manager, Cathy Ellingford, who will do her best to resolve the problem quickly.
  2. If you feel unable to discuss the problem with the Registered Manager, or have not been able to resolve your complaint, please write to the Nominated Individual, Ken Rudge at the Registered Office address for the attention of Ken Rudge or email on
  3. If a complaint is received this will be responded to in writing within 2 working days. Such communication will outline the steps being taken to resolve the complaint and who will be in charge of investigating and notifying the outcome in line with the ‘Duty of Candour’ principles.
  4. The complaint will be formally acknowledged and logged as described above.
  5. Depending on the nature of the complaint, an Investigating Officer will be allocated. We would normally like to discuss the complaint with the complainant either by visiting in
    person or by discussing the issue on the telephone.
  6. The outcome, details of the investigation and actions taken will be informed in writing.
  7. Actions will be agreed to resolve the matter
  8. You will be contacted by the Investigating Officer at a later date to check whether issues have resolved, and the service is satisfactory, following ongoing monitoring.
  9. We have a target of resolving all complaints within 28 days of receipt. All complaints
    including details of the investigation, outcome and actions are recorded and audited
    internally and regularly inspected by our Commissioners and Regulators.
  10. If after we have investigated your complaint, you are still not satisfied with the
    outcome, you may wish to contact the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO). The LGO provides a free, independent service. You may contact the LGO advice team by telephone, (0300 061 0614) or email Please note, the LGO will not normally
    become involved until after we have been given the opportunity to investigate and
    respond to your complaint.

You can view the PDF of our full Policy 6, Version 1, March 2019 by pressing this document: Complaints Policy V1 July 2019