“Experts have revealed the onset of diabetes, or existing diabetes getting much worse could be a sign of hidden pancreatic cancer,” reports The Daily Express.

The newspaper report is relating to a press release from a study from the European Cancer Congress, which gained its analysis from the study of almost 1million people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, of these several ended up being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The study was carried out on patients from Belgium & Italy.

A possible sign of pancreatic cancer became evident from a recent diagnosis of diabetes in patients, with 18% of cases in Italy and 25% of cases in Belgium being diagnosed with 3 months of a diabetes diagnosis. Where the diabetes progressed quicker (the patients needed insulin or more intensive treatments sooner) also linked to an increased chance of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Cancer of the Pancreas is rare, and because of its difficulty to detect early on, generally has a poor outcome.

This is not a huge revelation though and its important to look at the history, there have been links previously identified between pancreatic cancer and diabetes, although its still unclear why, it could be that having diabetes increases the risk of pancreatic cancer, or something that is more likely is the diabetes could actually be a symptom of the cancer.

Its also worth considering that whilst Diabetes is very common in the UK (around 4million people are currently diagnosed) pancreatic cancer is still very rare, and having a diabetes diagnosis doesn’t mean you will automatically go on to get pancreatic cancer.

If however you have diabetes and don’t do a good job at controlling it, or you think you might have diabetes, its definitely worth having a chat with your Doctor.

You can get more information relating to Diabetes from Diabetes UK. Or read more information on the study from the ECCO Website.

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